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Our team is comprised of industry leaders and innovators who consult with annuity customers effectively and expertly. Claremont Group’s growing team of experienced representatives average more than 20 years of industry experience and often have strong backgrounds both in banking and insurance. They are respected for providing a personal perspective on a client’s particular experiences. They possess exemplary communication skills which help our clients reach a comfortable decision on their future course of action. The Claremont Group team has the expertise and all required licenses to counsel customers. Project knowledge is crucial, as is evident by their superior customer success track records. Many in our group have worked as managers and mentors for other professionals, and, as a result, they effortlessly work together to help solve even the most difficult challenges for customers.

Claremont Group Chris Warden Executive Team

Chris Warden


Christopher Warden is the Claremont Group’s founder and President. He is a pioneer in the asset management industry and specializes in policyholder retention for insurance companies.

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Patti Cole Claremont Group Executive COO

Patti Cole


Patti Cole is the COO of the Claremont Group. She has worked in the financial sector for over two decades. Patti holds account management responsibilities for projects that exceed $5 billion in asset transactions. She has improved client retention to 93% and increased policy renewals by 49%.

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