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Claremont Group was founded in 1989

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Claremont Group was founded in 1989

Claremont Group was founded in 1989 as a marketing and business development service for insurance companies. Our initial clients led the way in using third party marketers to distribute annuities and life insurance through banking institutions. As financial institutions began internalizing their sales programs, Claremont Group assisted clients in establishing and managing direct relationships with these newly-self-reliant financial institutions. Since then, the company has supported bank distribution for some of the leading life insurance companies in the country.

In 1994, Claremont Group began utilizing its track record with insurer clients by developing a winning system for customer conservation. We renew and broaden customer acceptance of our clients’ products through a professional, low-key approach to “orphaned” policyholders. Claremont Group perfected these conservation techniques and has become the nation’s leading resource in its field. We have implemented a system called Conservation By Claremont, which has dramatically improved our client’s bottom lines and helped thousands of policyholders around the country.

Today, Claremont Group serves insurance companies through its winning approach to customer conservation. We have helped many insurance companies stay in better touch with their policyholders.  This has improved customer satisfaction and retention.